Friday, February 6

Who Am I??

Meet Mags!

Growing up i was definitely shy.I was shy and no confidence,sometimes i think too much about life and all kinds of stuff around me.I use to think there was something wrong with me..hehe!!
Music is my companion.I love music!!

When i left high school(Smk SANZAC),I went to Eynesbury College in adelaide south Australia.It was fun and i've met new friends from other country. I thought it would be easy way out of school but huh..i was wrong!!hehe..There was so much to learn..n it was really hard work but it taught me a lot of things!!!
i studied so many other things like critical thinking and logic,psychology..

hmm..i alwys afraid of what people might think about me and my attitudes towards other people or apa2la..hehe..(selalu ingau2 ni)..but not any mum always told me"jgn peduli apa org mau ckp,bukan drg kasi besar n mkn kau"..hehe..bunyinya mcm ganas,tp sebanrnya ia d smpaikan penuh kasi syg..hehe!!love u mum..;)

Apa lgi mau ckp ah..ive no idea!!:)

oh ia..if ada chance kan..i would love to work for a developmental aid organisation mcm oxfam ka or Amnesty intenational..i would love to help org2 mcm d Sudan n nigeria!Insyaallah one day..



  1. salam..
    i guess i noe u..
    mcm junior d st agnes + smp
    neway..wish u all da best in life..
    take k...

  2. wslm..
    Oh hai thre..hehe :)
    ya,ex st agnes n smp!!
    Thnk u..keep in touch ^_*