Tuesday, February 17

Sweet Moments 2008!

It's so great to look back at all our memories and realise what's important,smile at the silly times n laugh as often as u can.. :D
Here are some sweet moments i look back on and smile at :

Malaysian ;)
Besties ;)
Graduation day!
Me,leyza,isyam gilui n ashraf sinclair!:P
Trip jak isyam tu..mana tau main,pegang kayu kunuk!!hmm :P

Me,fara n eda!!One B tmpt pertemuan..hehe
Adelaide town hall o8!
Finally met her c leyza!! :D
Me,mama & wa
Aku jadi perumpak!!haha :P
Mags in action ;)
ish..ish.. *shake*
Lepaking Moment
I saw something..hmm ;)
Cover Album c Girl..coming soon"Butuns"
Eynesbury College Drama Night :)
Malaysian Carnival in Adelaide 2008!!!
Sam,malith,me n dal ^_*
Sabrina's son..cute lil shadir!! :)
During psychology class..sempat lgi ba!!haha
Dal,me,Pacik starwars,ayano,natsuki! :)

"Smile happens in a flash, but the memory can last a lifetime"

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