Wednesday, September 29


Wahhh... i'm finally free ;D
I just finished my exam last thursday and finished all my assignments yang merusak kan hati last friday..hehe ;)

10 Dayss to go,i really cant wait! Detik2 terakhir di adelaide before pindah ke Gold Coast next year....i'm gonna miss all my friends n my siblings here in Adelaide ;(
So, before pindah..berabis la jalan pusing2 Adelaide..hehe..

Some pics at Trista Place,our beloved freda went back to HK...Oiii!I miss boring in Adelaide without you ;(
My partner in crime went back to HK for holidayss...

-U guys are crazy, but I love u all-

Wednesday, September 1


Sometimes the truth isn't good enough ;(
Sometimes it's better not to know than to know and get hurt!!

-I am not a jealous person, coz i'm Alien..Alien mana pandai Jealous-