Friday, February 25

Special Dedication to Eyul :)


i'm so suprised, kawan aku dulu yang kecik kecik hingusan sekarang macam diva popular, and i'm so proud of you kecik!hehe :)
we've been friends since we were 11 years old kan, selalu lepak rumah, pergi swimming on the weekend hahah ( ada rahsia disebaliknya kan yul), we are like a sisters, shopping sama2, bergossip sama2, we went Nasyid sama2..haha! i Still remember the day when i left u guys di bangunan pertiwisa sampai kamu jalan kaki balik..haha..i'm sorry,buat ketawa juga bila ingat kan.....we went to the same high school, macam macam seja di buat...but till faith brings us to a different way, when i moved to other school terus kita x contact ;(

i think that is the hardest thing i've been thru...and syukur alhamdulillah after few years kita rapat balik..hehe..c eyul tuyul..heheh ;)
lupakan sengketa lama, mari enjoy bersama..hahaha! You're the best friends i've ever met yul, u made me laught, u made me say something stupid, u made me smile ingat our crazy moments, YOU'RE ROCK BABE!!!! :)
and when i checked your blog, i saw about the intrend magazine, omg! gila la kau yul, i'm so proud of eyul c kecik glamour gila!haha...

i got something to share with u, it was last year...bekurap suda!haha..
have fun watching yeah cik yul..


Friday, February 11

New Place. New Environment. New People. New Life.

.Everything here is New.
Everything changed, err.. i mean all around me but not me, i'm still the same. The old yam who always "popet2" :)
t's 2011, happy new year. i know itssss toooo late to wish, but nevermind, it doesnt matter ya. All the new things start on the 9th of january from Kuala Lumpur and safely landed at Gold Coast Airport. Quiet excited.Scared as well. Nervous ( Of course). I'm starting a new life, new student. In my mind, always thought about the same thing "ermm.. how's the people there?". Since i was in kindergarten, always have the same thought " ada kawan ka nanti ni ya?" silly me :p
Well,everything went well. Now I'm here, Gold Coast Queensland Australia, fighting for the life and the dream that i've been dreaming. Insyaallah one day, i will make abah & mama proud :)

Too much work recently, had no time to update my blog,this is my 4th week in uni and i'm so tired and too much reading oh. I'm eating mandarin orange while updating my blog,listening to the song that my bobo gave me lastnight , i feel calm, so relax,i feel the love around me. Eventhough i'm far from everyone, i guess this is life. Sometimes you just have to be alone, so that u will remember all the people who loves you and care about you. Anyway, Abah, Mama & My abang2, the all went to Dubai yesterday. And i'm here in Gold Coast, Iwa and adew in Adelaide. Congrats to my little brother adew, he received Top Student Award Prince Alfred College today. That's our Bieber..hehe ;)

Oh, Last january - Flood in queensland, few weeks ago- cyclone in north Queensland, and the latest news-conflagration in Queensland.
Ya Allah, Please Protect us here in Queensland.Amin :)