Sunday, February 8

What iNspires me!

Its hard to describe how i feel about something.I love baking and listening to the music,they make me feel quite peaceful..Tp yg paling inspire me a lot,bila dengan children..waahh..sgt gila budak2..hehe,children really inspire me especially my niece c girl n my one and only Cucu c Auni Dalili (nah....nenek muda suda aku ni..hehe)...
My parents of coz yg pling insipire me dlm smua benda..nda lupa juga my bro's n sis who always thre wit besties..not to mention nama2...ramai pla..hehe;)
love u guyss...

Saya ini byk sentitip la....sudala kuat merajuk..haha! if i surround my self with negativity(mcm gossip2 liar..hehe) i feel down n miserable but when i'm around with the people that inspire me and do the things that i love....huh...SUPER DUPER HAPPY!!!YUUHUUU..;)

Abah & Mama,i will always love u!!!

My butun c girl!! u tun ;)

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