Sunday, February 8

Fascinating Facts

Ever wondered why yawns are contagious or why you sneeze when u look at the sun??A new book by neuroscientists Sandra Aamodt and Sam Wang,Welcome to our brain,reveals the answer to these perplexing questions and more.

Now try not to yawn as u read this: while many animals yawn,its only contagious in primates.

Yawning is the body's attempt to reach full level of alertness in situations that require it. In humans,its usually just about waking up.In non-human primates,yawning is associated with tense situations.

The mechanism is in a part of the brain activated by visual stimuli and social clues,so when see or visualise others yawning,we involuntarily follow suit.

-Reader's Digest Aus,Feb 2oo9-

Juz wanna share knwledge baru with u guys...;)

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