Saturday, March 21

My boss My Hero

My dad was the center of my small world,
the focus of my affections,
the star that lit my life, shining bright.Shining still in my heart.
The years have led me here,weathered with maturity and responsibilities,
and I see more clearly now.The hardships, burdens of love,and all the sacrifices he made for me,for our family.
He created stability, a place to call home.
Turning to my Abah for support,advice, wise counsel, and for approval.
Grown up, I see differently now...A new perspective of a man I have always known.
My heart is full, my emotions over powering just in the certainty of that bond.
He's been there for me through all the conflicts helping me over the rough, ragged stones of growing up.
My respect for him is unending,faith is unbound, and love is unquestioning.
Even in the midst of all my imperfections, he is lenient,ignoring the pitfalls, the downfalls, the shortcomings,he just accepted me as I was, as I am...
I am honored to know him, to love him, to be of him.
He's my hero, and I am his daughter, his little girl.
My boss My hero!

Happy 66th Birthday Abah!
I love u so much...Thank u 4 everything :)
May Allah bless u always
P/s: if u read this ( abah,jgn sll marah2 d parliment ah) hehe..

From ur lil star,

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