Thursday, March 12


I dont know what happnd to me lately,kinda weird...hmm :
I juz dont knw who am i,evrythng seems diffrnt ni..knp tu ah,my head x in the right track bbrp hari ni..i think i should go jumpa counsellor or mayb paling ngam "mental treatment"..i thnk ive gt mental disorder!!yes I AM!!! :(
i strtd to thnk somethng stupid lately..nda taw suda knp ni,bout death,family,friends,love...evrything!!!I just dnt knw WHY???

Sometimes i felt mcm mau tidur spjg,i dont thnk too much bout this "thingy"..i dont knw i cant stop thinking bout that,that,that n that.....bla..bla..bla... :(
Hmm..i guess..mayb i sholud go shopping kan??*senyum sampai telinga* :D
tonite city pun buka smpai 9pm,so...hmm...pgi shoppingla!!!hehehe :) :) :)
okla,mau gt ready goinnn... ;)

Bye2...tata..daaaaaa :P

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