Friday, March 20


Today evrythng seems fine fine n fine! :)

I watched "om shanti om" tadi..c sharukh khan ba belakon!!hehe :P
Im x a big fan of him tapi lama nda tgk wayang hidustan,it was fun actually! i love the dancing n singing part,its more like musical gitu...its fun!Then when i watched the movie,adala nyanyi n dancing usual la..hehe..cerita tu actually bout film star la,sharukh khan in love with that girl but then dia dapat tahu that girl suda kahwin with one of the best producer in their industries la! owh..pity him :(

Then bla...bla.bla..malas mau cerita,the best part time nyanyi,then teingat when i was in primary 2 and 3..hehe

Long time a go,when i was in actually one of the dancers..haha.."penari kebudayaan" ba!ayoo..malunya.. :P
Masa primary 2..we performed at our school lagu apa ntah..i cant recall,then after that my abah said to me..."jangan lagi ikut menari2 ni"..he dnt want me to gt involve with this "dance thingy" sad...jadi masa tu nekadla sudah..nemau lagi join dancing!

Then,tiba2 masa primary 3..ada audition for "bollywood" punya tarian..nah,terus lupa pesan abah..hehe...i went to the audition n gt in!!hehe :)
Terus menari lagi balik..haha..evryweek stay bck aftr school utk practise tarian was really damn fun!! :) :) :)
The tittle of the song is "mere mehbobo mere sanam"..its from "duplicate" movie acted by sharukh khan n juhi chawla!

hmmm..when think of semua2 ni,ingat dulu masa primary school! ;)

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