Friday, April 1

Got to Go

Hey guys,

been missing in action for few weeks yeah, been busy with uni..My exam is coming soon so itula wayar wayar otak ada yg tercabut.. ;(
law subjects is driving me crazy,cant wait for holidayssss
Anyway,title entry ni tiada kaitan dengan yg hidup ataupun yg sudah pergi..but just wanna share to all the girls out there!BEWARE of the "Buaya Darat"..haha ;)

Got to go by Najwa Mahiaddin, she is so goood lah!Love her voice, the video clip and everything lah. Just wanna share it with you guys, have fun watching the video



  1. sumpah best lagu ni. i'm even addicted to it!
    hr2 rs nk dgr!!! :)

  2. kunjungan gan , bagi-bagi motivasi
    semoga menjadi semangat .. :)
    Memaafkan adalh cara balas dendam yang paling mulia.