Thursday, April 2

Weird Dream...

Last night,in my dream...something bad happenned,i lost my family..they died in accidents :(
& the sad thing is..all my friends?? "THEY FADE AWAY"! I dont have anyone in this world... "NO FRIENDS".."NO FAMILY"
I would rather die if no one's around me in this world!Without my Family&Friends!
I'M NOTHING!!!! ;(

I really loveee youu all! I cant afford to loose u guys!


  1. sy pun syg ko bha yam..

  2. please...delete this post,dont think about this dream ever again...its just a dream,a bad dream....pray a lot and dont think about this ever again....if u think,itl come so...let it be,dont mention this to anyone,and have such thoughts in ur mind ...and let it fade away as it has never occured before....

  3. lo nggak sendiri kok... jauh pun lo tetap di hati gue !