Tuesday, April 14


I still can't believe she's gone..it been 3 months since u leave me here grandma.."hanging around" without you!No one could ever understand what i feel...
Allah took u for a reason,a reason i dont knw..i think it's your time to go,one day...my time will come!I'll be there with you grandma :)
If i could just find a way,to make it so that you were here right here,right now...
There's a thousand words that i colud say,seems so long ago you're gone...I'm trying my best to be strong and pray the best for you!I will always love you...
I still remember those days when i was in primary school,u always told me a stories about "snakes and dragon"!One day,when i have my own children and grandchildren...I'll share those stories with them...
I just cant help my self,everynight before i went to sleep..i always thought about you..where were you?can i see you?when will i see you again?Will you come back one day?
I really miss you...
Between Us
me : Baring2 d sofa ( posisi terbalik)..hehehe...
nenek : Yam,jangan baring2 terbalik nanti jantung di dalam badan terbalik tu..
me: terus bangun duduk diam2..hehe
She always said that to me..masa tu minum susu dalam botol!!hehehe..then she said jangan buat begitu nanti jantung terbalik...budak kecil kan time tu,jadi takut juga kunuk jantung terbalik!!hehehe... :)
sampai sekarang,i do believe apa my grandma ckp!!
Love you grandma :-*
Your Love,

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