Wednesday, January 12


Having so much fun with the family in London! ;)
Looking forward for another holiday..hihi, last time we went to London if x silap tahun 1995..long time ago!
It was great, spent 10days in London, too much shopping!!!but its FUN!!!!!Boxing day real crazy and so much fun...sanggup bersasak2 mau beli barang2 sale...what a crazy moment huh??ehehehehe ;)

Oxford Circus at night
Love the double decker!
My new speedy LV with my name on it!Yeay!!!
Bicester Villager Oxford
Wheeeeeeeeeeee :D
Thanks for the Paddington Bear my love!
Guess Who??hahaha...yeay
Why so sleepy??
Jack sparrow on the street! ;)
London Eye moment :)
"Big Ben"
London Eye n me (So small???)
out lepak2 with bobby, bobo n my bros, Edgware road London ;)
Bond Street with my uncle uncle ni :p
St. Cathedral London with my love!
Love it... >_<

Amboiii2...merahnya bag!hahaha
Westfield Shopping center London!
Knightsbridge London ;)
It's London Street Bebeh

Me and adew

Dalam taxi on the way menyerang 'Boxing Day'
Love From London ;)




  1. He somehow reli a bit looks like Johnny Depp haha

  2. oh my, i juz went thru ur blog yam, i remember the day ur mms me rob patzz wax icon, masa 2 baru bgn, punya tkejut gila, lol, u know how much i love rob kn.. haih, jelez oo ko dpt pg london, my dream 2, i juz love london city, nnt la satu hari if i've got a lot of money, i will go there.. Goodluck with ur study yam, i owez wish the best of luck to you, sama2 la kita mngejar cita2.. xoxo :)

  3. wow rob n johny depp ! hee :)