Wednesday, June 3

Happy Birthday Nazil!

Dear Bobo,

Happy birthday to the one I love!
Today you are 19.."TUA SUDA"
You're always lighting up my heart with the things you do and say,your laughter,your smile,the way u suka "buyuk2"..hehe!
You do something to me that no other has, you have made me so happy, the happiest I've ever been. You give me the most amazing feelings inside, the feeling of being in love with you!
You are a great guy and I just can't imagine a day without knowing you bobo!
Today I wish for you, peace, special thoughts of happy times..May All your wishes come true& May Allah s.w.t bless u!Aminwarabilalamin ;)
Best of luck 4 your exams!Aja-aja fighting
Love from,
c yum2 yang masih muda & cumil!hehe ;)
i love you bobo

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