Thursday, May 7

I Miss Adelaide

Owhh!!!!All of a Sudden I Miss Adelaide...*sigh* :(
I miss adelaide,but i dont wanna go...i love malaysia!!
Can i live in two different places at the same time???i wish i could,i miss lepak2 at swinging bowl with my bros,i miss shopping in rundle mall,i miss all the beautiful old architecture,i miss glenelg beach,i miss having my gloria jeans "hot chocolate",N i really really really miss spending hours n hours in Borders bookshop...oh god!!I miss adelaide..but...i dont wanna leave my Malaysia especially my KK! :(

Some of the pics below,remind me all the sweet memories in adelaide :

Gloria jeans!yUmmy ;)

Star wars!!rundle mall with the girls :)

The pigs statues in rundle mall!cumil pula.. :P

Glenelg Beach

" Traffic light" where every morning lalu masa mahu pg class!I miss those days :(

Taken by me ,Victoria station!

I love the grass :)

My college..wah..rindu..rindu

-All of sudden sad :( -


  1. Waaaa... bestnya, hish teringin la pula kakak mau pi sana yam... best nya tgk ur pic sambil dengar ur song nie :) so sweet... "i cant smile without u"... uuuu... besssssssssst !

  2. nah!!hehehe...dtglah kak nnti! :)
    It will b great if u cme,jln2 la pg adelaide..nnti if pgi i can guide u d adelaide! :)

  3. hehe gmbr no 3 tu ba.. kesian dia selesma..